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Our Services

Public Relations | Media Relations | Signature Special Events

Our team is dedicated to the quality, timely and cost effective delivery of the following communications, community outreach and special event coordination services:


  • Public meetings, public hearings, and workshops

  • Community engagement/involvement programs and activities

  • Individual political campaigns (city council, gubernatorial, etc.)

  • Issue/levy/ballot campaigns (health, education, etc.)

  • Voter education and outreach

  • Local, regional and national conferences, festivals and events (from 25-100,000 people attending: the National PowerNetworking Conference (15 years); Women of Color Foundation Leadership Development Retreats (15 years); U S Black Chambers, School of Chamber Management Institute (2 years); National Technical Association Conference (1 year); Local and regional Urban League galas (6 years)

  • Custom special event coordination (galas, golf outings, book signings, concerts, fundraisers, etc.)

  • Partnership, resource and relationship development

  • Graphic design and theme development

  • Public and media relations

  • Corporate/institutional logo design

  • Identity development/branding

  • Investor and donor relations

  • Specific communications programs targeting minorities and women

  • Audio/visual productions and presentations

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